Do I need to bring anything with me?
You do not need to bring anything.
We will provide you an apron and any other equipment you will need.
Can we take home left over sushi?
Unfortunately, for the reason of hygiene, we can’t allow you to take any food home.
I have a food allergies, can I still participate?
Yes, but be sure to mention your allergies on booking form.
Do you provide certificate?
No, this workshop is a recreational program and does not offer certificate. If you are looking for a professional chef course, please check our school website:
Do you allow kids?
Our regular reservation class is for age 12+ but if you are planning a private workshop you are welcome to include under 12 in your guest list.
Please contact us to for more information.
In which language do you offer the workshop?
Our workshop is in English, our chef instructor speaks fluent English.